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About Us 

We are so happy that you are here at The Innovation Project website. This is a website that aims to help start-ups and entrepreneurs get funding and technical assistance in order for their projects to be realized and live up to what they have been envisioned.  


The Innovation Project was started by a group of business organizations who pooled together their corporate social responsibility funding in order to create a mechanism that will spur the development of new ideas and new technologies that can help change the world. This particular mechanism has been started in 2015. Since then, we have been making a lot of waves and have supported various individuals, whom we like to call innovators, in creating their projects and making sure that it contributes to the development of the world.  


We came up with The Innovation Project in order to ensure that innovators who have great ideas but minimal to zero financial capabilities, are provided with the necessary support to make their projects and visions happen.  


Our group is composed of businessmen, leaders and influencers from various industries, governments, among others. We are very stringent in determining the people and individuals to whom we provide our support. However, it must be emphasized that more than the uniqueness of the ideas that are presented to us, we judge each project by the level of impact that its implementation will result to people and communities. The bigger the impact, the higher the chances of it receiving financial and technical support from us.  


We encourage you to explore our website to see examples of the projects that we have supported and to know how you can take advantage of our support. If have any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know. We will always be happy to connect with you.