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 Tips on ensuring that your project will be approved for funding 


Since 2015, we have received a lot of proposals that are truly outstanding. But of course, given the number of amazing projects that we receive on a regular basis, we want to make sure that those we invest in are really worth it. As such, we are very stringent in our criteria of choosing the projects that we will support. Of course, once chosen, we will provide all possible support to make your project a success.  


Please see some tips below to determine how to make sure that your project or idea will be chosen:  


  1. Make sure that your project is truly unique.  


We are looking for projects or ideas that are very creative and truly one of a kind. We want projects that have never been implemented before and are truly innovative in a lot of respects. Let us know in your proposal what makes your project unique or stand out from the rest. If it bears any similarity to an existing project, tell us what makes it different. We have seen a lot. As such, we expect you to amaze us with your idea.  


  1. Make sure that you fuse business and technology.  


We believe that the future of business is technology. As such, we are looking for ideas that embody this. Let us know how you were able to combine the two fields in order to come up with your very unique project.  


  1. Make sure that impacts the world at large.  


We support projects that aim to change the world and uplift the lives of people. Tell us how your specific project can do that. Tell us how you expect to improve the situation of communities and make the world a better place.