Common Techniques for Garage Door Maintenance

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Lots of people don’t really take the effort of cleaning and maintaining the garage door until it stops working correctly. However, a simple garage door maintenance routine makes it function correctly and last longer. Inspecting, cleaning, and oiling the garage door on a regular basis makes you able to detect the potential issues sooner, thus making it possible to take necessary actions before the malfunctions worsen.

A mild dishwashing liquid and a soft brush will help you to clean the garage door which is normally suggested at least two times a year. People make a habit of washing the garage door when they wash their vehicles. Harsh cleaning liquid must be avoided while washing the garage door. These chemicals do a lot of damage to your garage door that will badly affect its structure and performance. In some locations where winter is severe, salting and shoveling the drive path will damage the garage door. While practicing this trick, make sure to remove the extra slat that will damage the vulnerable parts of the garage door.

Wooden garage door maintenance should be accomplished according to the recommendation of the manufacturer. Normally, it is suggested that a wooden garage door should be painted on the exterior and interior of a garage door. It is done at least two times a year. If you are considering reducing the cost and efforts if half and just polishing the exterior, so don’t do it. Painting just the outer side won’t be as effective as painting both sides because warp or cracks may happen due to extreme weather.

Inspect the other parts of the garage door such as, springs, rollers, panels, and hinges. You may use any light silicone spray on garage door parts at least once a year. It will prevent them from becoming rusty and increase their lifespan. Garage door springs also need your attention at least every three to four months.

While preserving the rollers, springs, and hinges you should check the condition of other moving hardware. Continuous operations of garage doors can lead to loosening parts of the garage door. You should tighten them in order to keep your garage door working. If you notice that garage door cables, springs, or hinges are out of place and need replacement then call local professional garage door services. 

Basic garage door maintenance routines like, regular cleaning and oiling bring a clear difference in the longevity and functionality of garage doors. In a long run, it will save a lot of inconvenience and effort. Often small damages that are caught earlier will prevent them from worsening and consequently, causing costly garage door repair and maintenance projects.