Garage Door Installation: Manual and Automatic

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Garage door installation is a far more hard process to be accomplished on your own, whether it is automatic or manual garage door. DIY garage door installation could be a dangerous and complicated process, so it is strongly recommended to get the services of professionals such as, Coweta County garage door installation to do the work. In fact, automatic garage door installation is harder than the manual garage door. The selection of garage doors depends on your needs, preference, and budget. If you want to install a heavy garage door, it would need automatic operations system as it needs to necessitate power and strength to lift the garage door. On the other hand, manually operated garage doors are lighter to be lifted by hand.

Automatic garage doors have existed for a long time now, but a lot of people still want to have manually operated garage doors. Aside from being easy to install and maintain, you can easily open them using a handle. Well, it limits your selection as you should choose a garage door made of lightweight material. But if you want to install a heavier garage door especially made of a solid block of wood, you will need to have an automatic operations system.

A weighted garage door along with a motor, cables, and other hardware are needed with the installation of an automatic garage door. Definitely, if you want to install a heavier garage door, then the automatic operation is a must. Since automatic garage doors are a blessing and convenient to have which is why a lot of homeowners prefer them.

But it is also true that automatic garage doors come with their own set of potential problems. Most designs of automatic garage doors are difficult and challenging to install on their own. The significant benefit of having an automatic garage door is that they can easily switch from an automatic version to a manual one in the event of a power outage. 


DIY garage door installation project poses several dangers that an unskilled individual will not handle regardless of whether it is an automatic or manual garage door. This project is ideal for those who have a complete understanding of how the garage door works and a healthy respect for its potential dangers. Simply, it is the right job for professionals. However, if you have decided to handle it on your own, maximum care should always be followed.

Safety precautions in the garage door installation project: 

Garage doors are equipped with torsion springs and restraint cables. These springs are used to support the weight of the garage door during the opening and closing process. Installation of torsion springs is a hard and dangerous task, it can cause serious injuries. Please call your local garage door installation specialist to handle the garage door.