Information on Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair

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There are many styles and types of garage doors from sectional roller up to swing up and down garage doors.

These garage doors are available in different styles, shapes, and sizes from a single car to a double car garage. They can be metal, wood, fiberglass, garage door with customized locks, windows, and other security accessories you can think of. Well, there is one thing that they all have in common is how they are function and how their mechanism is works to make the magic possible. Click on the link to get more information about garage door services.

Broken garage door springs: It is the most common type of garage door repair. On average a standard garage door spring has an ideal life span of five to seven years depending on the type, quality, and how well they are maintained. Some overhead garage doors are installed either with one large torsion spring or two springs mounted on each side of the garage door.

They will be two to four springs depending on the mechanism of the system.  Adjusting or replacing the garage door torsion springs are not recommended to those who don’t have the right tools and experience. This job is should be handled by professionals with the right knowledge, experience, and proper tools. If you want to handle it on your own, you are running a high risk of injuries. Trust me; it is not a good decision.

When your garage door has more than one spring and if one breaks or loses its strength to perform, it is highly advised that you should replace both of them at once to avoid further damages to the other hardware of the garage door.

There is no doubt that the garage door will function even with one spring properly (If you have decided to simply change the one spring). But you will be going under the risk of having older springs which can break anytime causing several injuries and damages. The old springs will impose a heavier load on the new spring system which reduces its overall life span and leave you with a lot of headaches of further cost.

In some extreme cases, the garage door may drop without any warning signs and safety support causing damages to the tracks, panels, cables, and opener.

It is not important what and who will be around it when the torsion springs break eventually. If the garage door is running on a single spring mechanism, I would recommend upgrading your existing system to a double spring system. It will help you to hold the garage door in place if one of the spring breaks. It is a safety feature which is adopted by the automatic garage doors. These are widely used parts that are quicker and cheaper to replace. Save you the energy, money, and time, get both of them replaced at once.

It is also advisable that consult a professional garage door repair company if you have any concerns regarding the garage door spring replacement project before you attempt it yourself.