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In this tab, you can search for the most amazing and innovative projects that we have supported in order to effect the change that we wanted to see in this world. This is not an exhaustive list but just a sample of some of the projects  that we have been involved in.  


  1. Brain maps now nearing completion 


In 2015, we have supported the Brain Maps project, an innovation that aims to map out the human brain and provide the necessary data in order to better understand it. By adopting the Brain Maps, The Innovation Project was able to accelerate the decades of work spent in mapping the brain and provide the most advanced tools in order to map the most complicated areas of the brain. As a result, this project is making waves in the medical industry and now has a lot of applications.  


  1. New type of clothing has been launched – the electric clothes 


Gone are the days when clothes are used simply for fashion, to cover up the body or to keep warm. By supporting the creation of electric clothes, The Innovation Project has brought clothing to a new dimension. Now, electric clothes can be used to power up an appliance, or depending on its voltage, even a house. What’s more, these electric clothes create electricity with the activity of the wearer and thus serves as a cleaner energy source.  


  1.  Creating better robots 


Since the beginning of time, humans have been fantasizing of creating a type of robot that will definitely make things a lot easier. Currently being developed with the support of The Innovation Project is the dynamic robot – a kind of robot that acts like a human and works at speeds and efficiency that are better than humans. This has a lot of applications in the real world and is now providing that much excitement to the manufacturing industry.