Troubleshooting Techniques for Electric Garage Doors

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Today, garages are more than just room to park a car. Oftentimes, these are the first part of the exterior a person notices upon entering your house. This is why it is important to conduct periodic inspection and maintenance services to keep your garage door in tip-top position.

You can perform garage door maintenance work on your own but if you are not familiar with the structure and operating mechanism of the garage door then there are plenty of garage door companies including Ace Garage Door Repair Houston to help you. However, if you have an automatic garage door with an electric opener, the following are the common troubleshooting techniques to help you.  

  • Check the power supply of the garage door. The malfunctioning may lie with the issue that the electric opener is not getting enough power. Or there is a possibility that the opener has been unplugged accidentally. Troubleshooting a serious electrical problem may need the assistance of a professional. If the opener is plugged in, then pull the chain of emergency release mechanism to operate the garage door by hand. If it does not solve the issue, proceed to the next task.
  • You should check the metal tracks to make sure that there is no obstruction like dirt or pebbles on the tracks. Dirty or clogged tracks make it hard to move the garage door. Tracks should be cleaned at six months intervals and damaged rollers should be replaced. You should lubricate all the moving parts regularly to keep them in a good running position. Check the sections of the garage door to find out dents, warps, or any other malformation which can make the garage door hard to open. Minor dents can be fixed easily but serious damages can be fixed through professionals.
  • Allow to motor to be cool for 15 minutes after operations. It could be that the motor has overheated due to continuous performance. If the garage door motor does not run, you may need an expert technician. Try pushing the auxiliary keypad button. If it does not function then a defective push button could be the main problem. If someone in your neighborhood is using the same security code as you, it could be creating a lot of problems. Try to reset the security code to check if it solves the issue.
  • Garage door mounting brackets mat become loose and tracks may get misaligned. Check and adjust the balance of the garage door. All the loose mounting brackets and moving hardware should be tightened completely. Inspect the transmitter. If it runs but the driver still does not want to open the garage door, then you should check the drive belt. The broken belt should be replaced immediately. Check the safety sensitivity devices. If the unit does not move in reverse while touching any object, then the safety devices could be the problem.
  • Inspect the pulleys and cables to find out any frayed cables. If they are loose, you may need to tighten them by adjusting a belt. Don’t over-tighten the cables as they can cause potential accidents. Broken cables should be replaced with the help of professionals. If your garage door is partially opened and closes, you may need to adjust the garage door torsion springs. It is quite a dangerous task because they hold extreme pressure which can hurt you. It is good to call a professional garage door expert for help.